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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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there was some speculation this might be surrounding the queen and prince philip's health. they were 90 and 95 years old. they were seen yesterday and the day before attending various events. they're doing quite well. we understand an announcement is set for even the next hour. we should learn more about what this is all about. again, a meeting of royal household staff was called. we are expecting an announcement within the next hour. >> wonder what it's all about. thank you. 4:30 now. now to a developing story. in a few hours police will update us on the capture of an inmate who escaped in jess son, maryland, and was finally captured last night. david watson broke free last friday while he was being transferred to a hospital. the search came to an end late last night after police found him hiding inside an 18
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midday, this all started yesterday morning when maryland state police choppers went up after someone reported seeing a suspicious person in the woods. he is serving a sentence of 100 years in delaware for attempted murder. we're waiting to learn the fate of a woman who was set on fire at a hotel. that motel is on 4th street northeast another gallaudet university. a woman was set on fire by a man in a hotel room. the man ran away. it appears to be a case of domestic violence. nbc 4 is committed to raising awareness about domestic violence. you can find local resources through our safe at home. right now a d.c. family needs you to be on the lot
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police say 15-year-old dajanay bowens was last seen tuesday on 45th street in the northeast. for the second time this week they're dealing with an act of hazing. campus police are investigating this as a hate crime. police at american university are still searching for whomever was responsible for an act of hate. congressional members who are members of alpha kappa alpha will denounce this week's hate crimes. historically black sorority was targeted by the incident. on monday someone hung bananas from nooses and
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said there were six displays. >> the fact that someone went to this level of effort and that they had it all over campus and weren't caught and weren't seen by anybody is really serious. they could be in your classroom. you don't know who to trust at that point. >> it is widely believed that the hate was aimed at the school's first black student female government president. taylor dumston is an aka. she spoke to news 4 about what this week has been like. >> i feel supported whether it's members of the organization reaching out to me from alaska, tennessee, across the country. i'm really thankful for all of their efforts. >> if you would like to see all of our interview, it's up on the nbc washington app.
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app you can watch this surveillance video again. they say this is the person responsible for monday's hate crimes. the suspect wore all black and covered his or her face so they have not been able to identify the person. there is a $1,000 reward for information reading to an arrest. 4:34. on capitol hill today house republicans are finally ready to vote on their replacement to the affordable health care act. they believe they have enough votes to send the bill to the senate. >> we've broken down the key parts of this plan for you. here are 4 things to know. it aims to protect people with pre-existing conditions. it will cost $8 billion. >> states would be able to opt out of the requirement that insurers cover benefits including maternity care, mental health care and hospitalization. >> states that opt out could charge people with pre-existing conditions much more but they would have to provide a way for
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>> the bill would replace subsidi subsidies. this would help individuals buy insurance in the marketplace. >> they score! >> oh, that was a moment capitals fans had hoped for again. then 7 minutes later it was gone. the pens won without sidney crosby after the caps battled back. if the caps lose one more game in the series they are eliminated from the playoffs. they play at home this saturday. hoping home ice advantage will help them. >> now they have to win three in a row. >> i know. >> hope springs eternal. >> there's always next year. >> you have to have faith. cooler morning though, that's nice. >> yeah. i have f
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weeks. >> i have faith that eun is going to need her jacket as we go through most of the morning. 55 in the district. and lorton. we'll start to see more changes. 64 degrees by the afternoon. look at the clouds moving in. that will come with rain. >> we are looking for a pretty hefty dose of rain this time tomorrow morning. as you get into the afternoon, try not to rain all day tomorrow. a lot of moisture coming our way. for the morning commute, 100% chance of heavy rain tomorrow. temperatures near 60 degrees.
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we'll be relatively mild. rain chances taper off a little bit as we get into the afternoon. you could see a sliver or two of sunshine tomorrow but it won't last for long. not going to worry about the outdoor planner. we'll detail more about that. looks like saturday will be the rainier of the two days this week. >> taking a look at the beltway. inner loop and outer loop looking okay. a possible report of something happening in bound on 210 there. we'll check into that. inner loop after old georgetown road have the work zone blocking the right lane to clay brook avenue. 66 coming into town, out of town no worries. earlier work zone there near 29 centerville. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. parents and students on edge
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bringing an assault rifle to school. what may be more disturbing is where he allegedly got his hands on the gun. a so called smash space was found at a school. who is out of a job. >> our sugar free week continues. we'll show you how we thanked our colleagues. four things to know about going sugar free from
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i'm going to make this special saab doe taj delivery. look what we have here. we have our red velvet, coconut, jimmy sprinkles and dark chocolate for eun yang. see if they can resist that. >> i it certainly did resist that. i didn't eat it. >> all week we've been trying to go sugar free to see what kind of effects giving up added sugar has on our body and mind. >> we're having a little fun with it as well. henley tried to sabotage us. you think we're going to let them get away with that. wait, wait, wait. >> one good turn deserves another. >> here you go. >> we have some special deliveries here. >> pizza. >> look
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look at that. >> see? >> we delivered pizza sz live on the 5:00 set. we didn't stop there. our secret sugar agent chris laurence dropped off starbucks. the mermaid frappuccino has a whopping 50 grams of sugar. look at that. thank you, chris. this morning jim and doreen have a new message for us. uh-oh. >> un and aaron, that was pretty cold blooded sending the starbucks, what is it the mermaid drink it's called? >> 59 grams of sugar. >> right. we're not going for it. we can resist. >> not doing it. >> you're going down. >> nice try. >> wow. >> all right. we'll see what happens next. coming up on our 5:00 hour we're going to hear from pat collins about all the weight he has lost. pretty impressive. >> called us amateurs. well, we'll see how
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coming up in a bit. temperatures on the cool side. you'll probably need a jacket. this afternoon changes with heavy rain moving in tomorrow. chuck and i are back looking at the timing coming up. >> you think just because you have dark skin you don't need sun screen? think again. what people of color still need to be on the look outfor. it could be a major victory for the trump administration.
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good morning, i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. watching a live story. there was an explosion in a coal mine in iran. we understand people are trapped right now and there are reports saying as many as 35 people are
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than that. this is in far northern iran. there is video from the scene. right now it's simply too intense to be able to show you here. some officials are saying a buildup of gas caused the blast. we don't know how many people are trapped at this hour. this is an ongoing situation that we will be monitoring. eun and aaron back to you. >> erika gonzalez from the live desk. thank you. it will be a big day on capitol hill. they're planning to vote on their bill to replace the affordable care act. news 4's edward lawrence is live on capitol hill. do they have the votes? >> it appears, aaron, they were about two members short. they went to the white house yesterday. the president put on the full-court press and offered some assurances. it appears it will eke through the house later today. >> edward, we went through some of the changes in the bill a little earlier. how will it affect people and families? >> eun, that depends on who
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ask. democrats say it will restrict care and increase your premiums. republicans are saying it would decrease the premiums. it would affect those folks or could affect those folks with pre-existing conditions. states are under the bill are allowed to opt out. to bolster that, republicans added an amendment giving $8 billion over five years to insurance companies to off set the premiums. it depends on who you ask. >> edward lawrence on capitol hill. thanks. >> 4:47. military veterans sounded off last night at a town hall about problems at d.c.'s va hospital. this comes after a report from the inspector general that documented unsanitary storage room and missing supplies theate facility. >> i brought this because i want to show what kind of bandage was put on the
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on my husband's arm. this is just unbelievable. you don't do this to veterans. >> the new hospital director said changes have been made. va secretary david shulkins testified before congress yesterday and vowed to improve services at the va. this morning a montgomery county school resource officer is being praised for stopping a possible attacked. the officer spotted 18-year-old mario eduardo from walking in with a black bag and he drove off. police found the rifle and loaded magazine when they searched the trunk. news 4's megan mcgrath is live. the montgomery county principal who set up a smash space for teachers is stepping down. barbara is leaving the kensington parkwood school at e
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recent events have been a distraction. a smash space was a place on the school's loading dock for teachers to take out their frustration on furniture with baseball bats. she called it a laps in judgment. service on the mark 10 line is back online after a train hit and killed a person. it was heading from new york to miami when it hit that person in bowie just north of the carrollton station. fairfax county says it's on the cutting edge when it comes to self-driving cars. already you might see the technology hitting the road. county wants to be a leader in the self-driving cars industry. roads such as i-66, 29 are already being outfitted with technology that can communicate with the self-driving cars. they're working on new vehicle sensors to stop that and react quickly. >> we'll be notify the here.
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>> a lot more testing is needed. researchers at virginia tech say they'll pay $300 a month to fully wire your car and collect data on how you drive. >> i'm going to have to have a lot more testing before that happens. >> new this morning, if you don't have a land line at your house and you only use your cell phone, you are in the majority. 50.8% did not have a land line but did have at least one cell phone. the number is even higher for renters. more than 70% of renters between 25 and 30 years old only use cell phones. we are working for you for people with color still need sun screen. >> research shows people of color with
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diagnosed at a more advanced stage leading to a lower chance of survival. doctors say there's a myth that people with darker skin won't get cancer. doctors recommend people of all skin tones and skin types get checkups once a year and everyone, everyone should wear sun screen. >> i agree. >> my face moisturizer, after shave, has 15 block in it automatically. >> so does mine. >> my husband and middle child think they don't need sun screen. >> isn't it in the lotion? >> no. >> mine does. >> it says spf? >> that's enough for me. >> he slathers himself up. >> you seem so concerned. >> i'm concerned for your health and well-being, aaron. >> yes. if the suggestion gaar challeng kill you, something else will. we hav
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call it cold. by may standards, this is a very chilly way to get the day going. 55. most of the suburbs are way down into the 40s this morning. 43 in winchester, la ray. once you get right next to the bay that's where it is. most of the suburbs are well into the 40s. mid to upper 60s. increasing clouds. breezy as well. southeast winds 15 to 25 miles per hour bringing moisture up. tomorrow it will rain hard between midnight and 8:00 a.m. tapering back to occasional showers. temperatures mild up into the 70s. don't get used to it. on the back side of this big storm system we will be way colder than average starting on saturday and that goes all the way through next week. for now though just a dry start to your day. future
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in by 5:00. showers moving into the shenandoah valley. chances for rain coming into d.c. probably not until just after midnight. here's this time tomorrow morning. a slob of heavy rain coming into the i-95 corridor. the friday morning commute does not look pretty at all. here's your first peek at the 10 day forecast. 70s tomorrow. a lot of clouds and showers around. then keeping in mind our average high for next week is up to 74 degrees. each and every day next week nearly 10 degrees colder than average. that's crazy stuff. it is time to go over to crazy melissa mollet. >> taking a look eastbound river road between seven locks and the beltway is a short area. the eastbound lanes are blocked and the westbound lanes are running two way traffic because of that roadway work. inner loop after old
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nothing really impacting, the beltway is looking pretty good. quantico to the beltway. on time as you're headed northbound to woodbridge. everything quite good if you're headed southbound. same situation with nothing major in your way. aaron? >> thank you. a news 4 i-team investigation. how people are making money off of crowded schools in our area. ahead at 5:00, we continue to follow the latest developments from buckingham palace where some kind of emergency meeting has been called. there's a lot of speculation this could have something to do with the health of prince philip but that has not been confirmed. erika gzalez ison
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> well, if your child goes to school in maryland, you may be happy to hear this. the state board of education has to limit standardized testing to 2% of a student's time in the classroom. lawmakers crafted the bill after teachers, students and parents complained that preparing for federal, state and locally mandated tests cuts into class time. the 2% limit on testing will not include teacher developed quizzes or advanced placement assessments. our crowded local schools are increasingly congested on the outside
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>> news 4 i-team found to rule breaking and potential profiteers. >> reporter: parking is difficult to come by at some montgomery county schools. it's limited to seniors. those with high gpas, those willing to spend $75 a year for the parking passes. a semester long investigation by the news 4 eye-team found out the end result is some creative parking, including students violating no parking signs. some parking in restricted permit parking only spaces which are meant for nearby homeowners. near church hill hi, private driveways looking more like parking lots. no comment from the homeowners but county investigators told the iteam some were renting the spaces to students which is a
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to violate that brings in additional cars and it's impactful. pedestrian safety, children safety, pet safety. >> reporter: tonight on our news 4 i-team investigation. what's being done to solve the crunch. for now, scott mcfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" starts right now. fast approaching the 5:00 hour. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcrist. >> i'm eun yang. we are more than halfway through the week and nearing the end of the sugar free week. can you taste the cupcakes at the end of this? >> chime in on our social media. tell us how you're doing if you took the challenge with us. we appreciate the advice -- >> advice? >> good advice. we'll have much more on the four things you need to know if you
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are thinking about going sugar free. >> sneaking that cookie, aaron, did really well. >> it was one cookie. get off me. >> yeah, i heard aaron pretty much lost the sugar challenge. >> yeah. one thin mint. >> maybe we should just go to traffic now. >> she saw you eat the cookie, too. >> we have to do weather first and then aaron will get another cookie later which doug has outside on his desk. i can see them now. we'll talk about heavy rain for tomorrow morning. currently it's kind of chilly outside. 53 in the district, 47 in frederick. 45 in clinton. tomorrow rain coming at this time tomorrow. look at all of the rain around the gulf coast and that's all coming together moving in. expect a wet morning commute tomorrow. as far as the forecast, chuck is there wit


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